I am an experienced freelance journalist and editor and write for women's magazines and newspapers. Publications I have recently written for include the Daily Mail, Guardian, Telegraph, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Glamour, Now!, Woman, Bella and Stylist.  


I specialise in sharing women's stories via first person interviews.  Through 15 years of writing I pride myself on handling often difficult subjects in a sensitive and understanding manner.  I also regularly write news reports, lifestyle and parenting features.  


Prior to going freelance I was news editor at Cosmopolitan magazine where I was in charge of news reports, real life stories and investigations.  I also worked on many high profile campaigns including 'The High Heel Vote' and 'Abortion:  a woman's right to choose'.  


I started my career as a news reporter at the Sunday Times (under my maiden name Rachel Dobson) where I worked on home news stories.  I covered many front page stories including the disappearance of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman plus high profile health and education stories. I also worked undercover and wrote news features for the Focus section of the paper.